Allocate is an online booking system that can be used by hotel groups, hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes and campsites.  Allocate simplifies booking management and the handling of your customers.



Booking styles to suite all types of customer, whatever is key;  the date, the package, the price or the room.  Bookings are quick to make, the process is streamlined and intuitive.  Sell extras like champagne or spa treatments.  Sell special offers.  Take payments securely.  Channel manager interfaces.

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Bed & Breakfasts

Setup each room individually and include images to ensure customer expectations are met.  Sell offers with different payment terms to manage cash flow.  Receive regular summary emails notifying you of guest arrivals and departures and the extras needed. 



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Manage all your bookings and payments online, get paid sooner as customers book. Bookings are quick to make and the process is intuitive. Sell extras during the booking. Manage bookings from any internet connected device.